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(Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin)
Welcome to rotscholl property consulting!
I am Frank Rotscholl and I operate a property consultancy based in Berlin. The service I offer is to assist international investors who wish to take advantage of the buoyant local property market but don't have the time to personally undertake the considerable legwork required. I operate exclusively as a buyer's agent helping my customers with all aspects of finding the right properties, completing the purchase and setting up efficient ongoing management of the investment.
The Berlin / Potsdam area has drawn a lot of attention from international investors over the last few years. Compared to other major German cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich prices for real estate are still low which offers many business opportunities. On a European scale Berlin is one of the most lucrative investment markets.
Quite a few private investors are currently taking advantage of this general situation by investing into property in Berlin. Many more wish to do this, but are unsure where to start and who to contact.

Rotscholl property consulting offers you all the services you need in one package.

From finding the right property to closing the deal with the help of solicitors, tax advisers and notaries I offer all necessary services with the help of an experienced and proven network. This also includes architects and surveyors for due diligence, as well as trustworthy property management. If necessary I can also help making contacts to financing banks or agents.

Of course each of the offered services can be used separately. Additional services may include the translation of any correspondence with third parties (excluding official documents) and helping to deal with local authorities.

Although the focus of my services is on investors who plan to purchase apartment buildings I'm happy to assist in buying single apartments as well.
The following is an overview of the different phases of purchasing property in Berlin and where my services assist through those phases:

suitable properties as a buyer's agent my main job would be to scan the market and provide you with a selection of suitable properties. You then make your choices and together we will visit a number of properties together with the seller's agent and / or seller himself. If you prefer I can also visit the properties on your behalf and report to you.

negotiations I can pass on my experience with the Berlin property market in negotiations with estate agents and owners. Agent fees are significantly higher in Germany than in most other European countries. Helping to negotiate those fees as well as the purchase price represents a significant cost reduction.

due diligence once a decision on one or more properties has been made it is essential to conduct a thorough due diligence. This should cover the financial and legal aspects (tenant contracts, service contracts etc.) as well as the technical part that deals with the building structure and possible deficiencies. My existing network includes solicitors, surveyors and architects to guide you through this process.

purchase contract if the due diligence is positive and the parties have agreed on the financial terms it is necessary to come to an agreement on the wording of the purchase contract. I can offer you an approved standard contract in German with an English translation by a state-approved translator. Nevertheless there will almost always be changes to a standard contract that need to be negotiated. A solicitor from my network provides this service.

notary finally the contract needs to be signed and notarized. I'm happy to introduce you to a fluently English-speaking notary who I have worked with many times. If for whatever reason (long travel distance) you can not attend the notary meeting I can sign the purchase contract as your representative. You will later have to confirm the purchase contract at a German consulate or embassy in your home country.

official correspondence after the actual signing some official correspondence with local authorities will occur (tax related, land registry etc.). I can offer to supervise this and make sure deadlines are kept. This would be in close cooperation with the notary.

property management at this point you might want to use a property management company that is based in Berlin. My service includes introducing you to one or more property managers. The choice is yours!

company structure / taxes if you're planning to invest a little more money and not just buy a single flat it may be useful to found a company. For tax reasons it is essential to get advice on a range of scenarios. Is it better to buy as a private person or to found a buying company? What form of company is preferable? Where should it be registered: Germany, Off-Shore or your home country? To find answers to these questions it makes sense to seek the advice of a German tax adviser. I'm happy to introduce you to a counsellor who is part of my network.

financing if required I can also introduce you to financing Institutes and agents.

auctions property auctions and particularly forced auctions are an interesting alternative for the more adventurous, if this is of interest to you I can help, advise and represent you.